Sprinkler Repairs & Installations

We are trained and qualified on every residential system. This includes:
-Electrical issues (timer clocks, electric solenoids & wiring)
-Plumbing work (all copper, poly and pvc pipe pertaining to your sprinkler system)
-Valves (control valves, ball valves and gate valves)
-Backflow preventers (Febco, Watts, Wilkins & Combraco)
-Rain Sensors
-Drip Systems
Sprinkler Heads ( impact rotors, gear-driven rotors, mp rotors and spray pop-ups)

Sprinkler Installations
Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing sprinkler system, add-on to your existing system or install a brand new system, we can help. We are fully insured and professionally trained in commercial and residential systems from Front Range Community College. We pride ourselves on creating the perfect system that stays within your budget.
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